Japanese Adjectives And Adverbs

The Handbook of Japanese Adjectives And Adverbsby Taeko Kamiya is a comprehensive guide on how to use adjectives and adverbs in Japanese. Beginners of Japanese usually only know a handful of adjectives and a couple of adverbs, so by concentrating on these areas it’s possible to make your Japanese sound far more natural.

Kamiya has included hundreds of common Japanese adjectives and adverbs, along with the appropriate sentence patterns required to use them naturally.

Japanese Adjectives And Adverbs is divided into six parts:

  • Introduction to adjectives
  • Conjugation of adjectives
  • Usage of adjectives
  • Introduction to adverbs
  • Usage of adverbs
  • Appendixes

The different kinds of adjectives and their conjugations are clearly explained as are all the uses of Japanese adjectives, some of which are very different to the ways in which English adjectives are used.

The different uses of Japanese adjectives are described in logical groupings:

  • Japanese adverbs expressing time
  • Japanese adverbs expressing quantity
  • Japanese adverbs expressing degree
  • Japanese adverbs expressing circumstance
  • Japanese adverbs expressing sounds
  • Japanese adverbs used with negatives
  • Japanese adverbs that have differing positive and negative meanings
  • Japanese adverbs used for questions
  • Japanese adverbs used for conditionals
  • Japanese adverbs expressing desire, conjecture or resemblance

The entries are given in kanji/kana with romanji and the English translation. There are plenty of examples and exercises so it’s a great self-study book.

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