13 Secrets for Speaking Fluent Japanese

13 Secrets For Speaking Fluent Japanese

13 Secrets for Speaking Fluent Japanese by Giles Murray explores 13 ways of making your Japanese study more interesting and enjoyable.

The 13 secrets that Murray provides are:

  1. Using abbreviations.
  2. Learning how to explain words you don’t know.
  3. Different readings for the numbers 1-10.
  4. Understanding numbers over 10,000.
  5. Using If… then statements.
  6. Using synonyms.
  7. Getting an Japanese girlfriend or boyfriend.
  8.  Using adverbs.
  9. Children’s word games.
  10. Using prefixes and suffixes.
  11. Learning from jokes and puns.
  12. Using loanwords and Japlish.
  13. Learning from manga.

There’s also an appendix on memorizing vocabulary using the association technique. At just $17.00, Murray’s book is a bargin. You can get it even cheaper from Amazon, for $11.05, saving you 35%($5.95)